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How to Have a Glamorous Starlet 4th of July

Celebrate 4thof July like an Old Hollywood Starlet with these Glamorous must haves:

Wear jewels by the pool like Elizabeth Taylor… bonus if it’s red rubies

Have a beach day with aclassic one piece suit…. And don’t forget aglamorous beach bagandwaterproof Starlet makeup(more…)

Gardening Like A Pin Up

Gardening is a popular Pin Up and Glamour Girl pastime. Kama SutraMedium Butt Plugs may seem unusual since it involves very un-glamorous things like dirt and worms… but it results in the beauty of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. Here are some tips for gardening like a pin up girl…

Dress the part

You can wear a pretty sundress, or a pretty apron that looks like a sundress.

Make sure you incorporate gingham into your outfit (or maybe wear a swimsuit)…(more…)

Make Yourself a Glamorous Easter Basket

Easter Baskets don’t have to be just for kids… so make yourself a glamorous Easter basket full of Starlet goodies (or send this list to your leading man as a hint). Here’s what to include…

A set of cute bunny hears.Dita Von Teese, Lady Gaga, and other stars have some sexy ones, and I got this sexy pair from Forever 21

A good book… like Malibu Cheesecake by Olivia De Berardinis, who has done pin ups of some glamorous women including several Playboy Bunnies(more…)

Happy April Fools’ Day

On a day dedicated to fools, I thought a little Jester would be on order. Here is as Tail Butt Plugs by one of my favorite pin up artistsOlivia De Berardinis, and one of her favorite models, Bettie Page….

Have a safe and happy April Fools’ Day!



How Pamela Anderson and Baywatch Helped Me Learn To Love My Body

In the last post we talked about loving your body and showing off your best assets. Today I wanted to share with you a story about how I learned to love my body. Now let me state that this “learning to love my body” thing is an ongoing process and there are still things I don’t love as much. But I wanted to share a story how I turned what I perceived as a flaw and realized it was an asset.


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