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Written by Brett Boskoff

Prove the R in Event ROI: Splash Now Integrates With Your Marketing Automation Platform

July 13, 2017

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Written by Brett Boskoff


Prove the R in Event ROI: Splash Now Integrates With Your Marketing Automation Platform

July 13, 2017

When it comes to measuring the true impact of events, it’s no secret that marketers are struggling. Many are investing in events (91% of marketers) because they know that event marketing brings in the most returns — butmore than half of marketers admit they don’t know how to calculate the ROI of an event. Yikes.

But hey, it’s not their faults. Until recently, event marketers didn’t have the appropriate tools to track their event programs from end to end. Cumbersome manual processes and siloed technologies made it nearly impossible to maintain the integrity ofevent datathroughout stressful and complicated events.

That’s why, at Splash, we’ve released one of our most powerful updates yet. Our native integrations with Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, and Hubspot are a crucial step in making events, which are notoriously difficult to track, as measurable as digital marketing tactics. cbd isolate

That’s why he puts in-person events at the forefront of his marketing model, which is built on 3 major tenets:community, engagement, and scale.

Using these 3 principles, a killer events program, and a ton of customer data, Matt was able to get better customer engagement, less churn, and, ultimately, everyone’s goal — more customers.

Read on for their strategy.

All your data in one place.

Without complicating your workflows, our new integrations put event-tracking smack-dab in the middle of your existing systems and processes. You can capture event data through Splash, then automatically sync it to your marketing automation platform — all in real-time and without data loss.

Even better, customize your integration to capture the exact data you need and want. Don’t have a middle name like yours truly? Nix it. cbd for cats Want to pass through how long someone’s been with their company? Easy as pie. Just map your custom Splash fields to your marketing software to uniquely understand your event performance and learn what drives revenue.

These integrations have made it easier than ever to measure your performance, throw better events, get more ROI. Rinse and repeat.

Empower your teams to drive more sales.

Don’t worry about leads not making it to sales or sales not having the necessary insights to follow-up. Those dark days are behind you. This integration eliminates your need to manually update your organization on the progress of your events.

1. Ping your sales team in real-time.As your event gets underway, sendreal-time notifications from Splash, marketing automation, or Slack to your sales team. They’ll love you for alerting them when their top prospect registers or checks in.#https://www.justcbdstore.com# The Best CBD Doobies from JustCBD

2. Improve follow-up with your prospects and customers.When your customer expresses interest in your event or, better yet, attends, they’re showing intent and giving insight into their preferences. Use this data to inform your sales team and trigger a relevant follow-up strategy. Your customers will appreciate you “knowing them” so well.

3. Maximize face-time with streamlined check-in.Get people through the door faster with our integrated Splash Host App. Notify your team as VIPs arrive, scan tickets, and print badges. Your guests will be through the door and mingling with your team in no time — all while you capture the data you need in real-time, eliminating post-event manual processes.

Give your customers the best event experience from beginning to end.

As always, Splash providesout-of-the-box, responsive templatesso you can create emails and landing pages that are on-brand, easy-to-use, and most importantly, convert.

It’s a win-win: your customers get aseamless brand experiencefrom start-to-finish, and you save time and money now that you don’t have to hire an outside designer or developer. That way, you can focus on the most important thing: measuring the impact events have on your bottom line.

To learn more about our latest update, check out theMarketo,Oracle Eloqua, andHubspotintegration pages.

❤️ Special thanks to our respective Tech and Product leads, Jarad Delorenzo and Jon Saft, for their hard work.


Brett Boskoff

Brett Boskoff is the Co-Founder and CTO of Splash, the leading event marketing platform. Brett leads the engineering and product teams at Splash and is committed to growing, building, and innovating the platform. In his spare time, he enjoys kicking rocks down the sidewalk and tending to his ant farm.

It’s not impossible to measure the ROI of your events.

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